Sunday, 7 September 2014

Arthur Askey: The Years of Wonder - Part 2

Twat on a stick

After losing his pins in a freak chain saw accident, diminutive Arthur continued to maintain a chirpy cheerful chapy demeanor. By propelling himself on his skateboard he managed to navigate his way unhindered through a world replete with natural obstacles. Bereft of talent he still managed to get his own radio show aptly titled: 'Ooh missus, me legs have fell orf'.

Then tragedy struck. One night whilst leaving the Tipton repertory theatre, Arthur's breaks failed on his skateboard. He careened and careered down Tipton High Street, turned left into Albert lane before coming to a complete standstill in the Dudley canal. As Arthur couldn't swim he was facing a life and death drama of epic proportions. Luckily for Arthur he managed to crawl onto the bloated carcass of a dead tramp. Adrift for two days Arthur was eventually picked  up by a wandering troop of camp homosexuals. After buggering Arthur senseless the hapless band of penis pirates placed Arthur's ravished torso on the canal towpath. Alas, the doctors could not repair the damage to his befouled rectum. From now on Arthur would be the bearer of a plastic, prosthetic, arse called Donald. Arrrrrrrrrse.

Arthur before being violated
To be continued..........


  1. Personally I share your dislike of the little twat - but I've gotten over it...

  2. Indeed Mr D, but I'm working out my issues on my blog. I was traumaticised as a lad by a freak encounter with Arthur Askey 'singing' the busy bee song. I haven't been the same since. Luckily for my readers I've only another 23 posts on the subjects before the ghost of 'Big Arthur' is laid fully, to rest.