Tuesday 31 August 2021

Latest Status Update

I retired three years ago and moved to rural New Zealand. About two years ago my old boss offered two days work a week on a series of six month contracts. To be honest, the commute has been gruelling, entailing three hours of travel by public transport- O deep joy. My current contract runs out in November and I had already decided that this was going to be the end of my employment. For the past two weeks I have been off work due to the latest COVID lockdown infesting NZ.  

On Monday evening, whilst contemplating my fate, I had an epiphany. I seriously asked myself the following question: do I need to work at this stage of my life? Of course not. I'm getting too old for 16 hour Mondays and sitting on cramped trains for hours next to an accountant from Carterton. 

As if on cue my boss phoned to discuss my status. I explained that I don't want to continue regardless of contractual obligations. I'm done. Work no more. My boss is an old friend from way back when we both worked together in England. He is sympathetic and understands my current medical status. And so after discussing the situation with the family and explaining my intention to the section leader, I irrevocably decided to resign and hand in my resignation without notice. 

As for the future. As my regulars know, I set up an archery business with my son (Saxon Archery). I envisaged the enterprise as an extension of my passion without any pretence of turning a profit. Obviously I didn't take into account my son's drive and business acumen. Although he has a demanding full time job he has managed to market the brand with deft ability. His effort and hard work have paid dividends  and orders have started to flood in. We have reached the break even stage and with further determination, and effort, we are on course to earn a modest profit. 

My break from the daily grind will allow me to devote quality time for the business. At the moment I deal with selection, packaging and despatch. With more time on the my hands I hope to takeover some of the technical and marketing aspects of the business. The aim is shift some of the burden from my overworked but highly talented son.

I'm going to leave it there. There are several posts in the pipeline and September will prove to be a time of bounty. My intuitive creativity is bursting through the dura pouring forth unto an unsuspecting blank tableau. Arse.                          

Friday 27 August 2021

What's in a Name?

                                                                  Go whiteys! 

I've commented many times on this blog concerning the toxicity of society's emerging 'woke culture' driven by a few left wing-nuts obsessing over censoring/cauterising the best we have in our Western culture. Time and time again, the 'wokey pokey' brigade are shown to be divorced from reality and the aspirations and opinions of the reasonable majority. The masses are starting to revolt and are expressing disaffection with forced attempts of societal engineering by 'voting with their feet'. In other words, withholding their endorsement (gelt) and expressing frank disdain. Just look at instances where companies think they are tapping into the buying population's minds (read=pockets) by producing excruciating and cringe worthy adverts supposedly pandering unto the 'woke mindset'. Ill thought out campaigns of this ilk have seriously backfired in nearly all occasions resulting in a serious loss in revenue. Check out the debacle at Gillette after airing a series of bewildering 'woke ads' for the Gillette razor. The ads were blatantly insulting to men, particularly white men, and strayed into other world lands. Who can forget where the father is teaching his trans son how to shave. The backlash was swift and severe ultimately costing the company 12 billion dollars in lost revenue, overall. Advertising execs with their lattes and pony tails are so blinkered, arrogant and out of touch with the population they are trying, so unsuccessfully, to influence it borders on the insane. 

The main narrative of today's post concentrates on New Zealand's sports governing body decision to seriously consider 'removing' the informal, unofficial name for the nation's football team, 'The All Whites'. This affectionate moniker is long standing and is in accord with Kiwi tradition where national sport teams have been colourised and branded with the likes of: 'Black Sticks' (Hockey); 'Black Caps' (Cricket); 'Silver Ferns' (Netball); 'All Blacks' (Rugby); and of course, the infamous and irrepressible/irascible 'Taupe Ferrets' (National Ferret wobbling Team).  

The NZ Football Chief, Andrew Pregnell, stated that discussions were ongoing with a view to change the name of the nation's footy team. He was quoted as saying: "we are on a journey around cultural inclusivity."  The implication, of course, is that the current name can be seen as excluding non-white ethnic groups. What a sensitive bunch of snowflakes we have become. When the name 'All Whites' was first introduced forty years ago it was seen as a slight whimsy to contrast with the more popular and more famous 'All Black' rugby team. Only a moron, or more to the point someone with a political agenda, could seriously impute racist connotations to this rather bland nickname.  

But let us expand the nature of the debate for the sake of consistency and inclusivity. Notable for its absence from the discussion is the mention or inclusion (what happened to inclusivity?) of the iconic, NZ rugby team, 'All Blacks'. Surely, this is racist, highly inflammatory and deeply offensive to melanin depleted folk. Mayhap we should raise a petition demanding a change in the derogatory appellation? I'm sure the good folk of New Zealand will prove highly receptive to a proposed name change.  After all, what's in a name?  

Let me know in the comments your suggested alternative designations. To get the ball rolling, I'll add a couple of suggestions of my own: 'The Fluffy Pink Bunny Rabbits'; 'The 18 decillion varieties of colours'. You can see the fans in the stands, shouting- "Go 18 followed by 33 zeros". And my personal favourite. 'The frolicking ferrets of indeterminate hue'. Go ferrets.    



Tuesday 24 August 2021


O bugger. And so New Zealand joins the 'Merry Go Round' that is COVID. A single individual from Aus is responsible for the whole country being forced into lockdown with all its implications. For the past week we have wallowed at level 4 and the Auckland region will remain thusly for the next 7 days while the remainder of the country is so blessed until Friday, with the option for an extension.

This is NZ's second COVID wave after the prompt implementation of control measures (level 4 implemented 25th May 2020) which effectively eradicated the virus, give or take a couple of cases. This all changed just over week ago after a visitor from Australia was shown to be positive for the highly contagious delta variant. COVID started to disseminate in the Auckland community and to date (24th August) 148 people have tested positive. With alarmist predictions suggesting that this outbreak might culminate with a 1000 cases, the country, once again, is in the grip of draconian measures. It appears that the majority of Kiwis are in accord with the swift government action however, there have been dissenting opinions. Many business owners and in particular, restaurants/cafes, are struggling with this second lockdown with the attendant loss in revenue. And of course, the average New Zealander, denied work, and in spite of government subsidies, will experience varying degrees of hardship.      

The main criticism levelled at the government concerns the 'open borders' policy with Australia, especially after the recent outbreak of the delta variant in New South Wales. Of course, economic factors determined our exchange with our closest neighbour. This has to be balanced against current losses within the economy estimated to run into billions of groats, er dollars. To be fair, hindsight is a delightful distraction of absolutely no help in our current dilemma. 

On a sobering note, it appears that supermarkets are starting to run out of beer. What a cruel virus, indeed. It robs us of our health and the best anodyne for treatment. How can folk believe in a benevolent deity under such heinous restraints? Makes my heart bleed.   

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Oscar Wild


Let's be honest, the Oscars this year were a travesty and completely pointless. And yes, I'm well aware that I'm a little late in my critical appraisal, as the Oscars were screened in April- did anyone notice?

Not only the Oscars, but other 'Entertainment Extravaganzas', such as the Golden Globes, are starting to merge into a political rally for the far left. Privileged, often white actors, seize their opportunity onstage to rail against the establishment and white male societal dominance. What formally used to be light entertainment has now become a rallying event for the 'Woke Brigade'. The only glimmer of hope was last year's Golden Globe awards hosted by the irrepressible Ricky Gervaise. He pulled no punches and gave the self absorbed, self important celebs, a right royal roasting. His caustic invective caused verbal ripples and consternation among the stars. They were none too pleased to have their egos viciously pricked; he was relentless and totally merciless. And the viewing public loved it. Sadly, as Mr Gervoise predicted, it is unlikely that he will be allowed to run rampant at an awards ceremony, ever again, which is a bloody shame.

Gone are the days when award ceremonies were perceived as entertainment watched by the masses. Over recent years the 'events' have become an arena for highly paid, so called stars, to berate the audience for a host of perceived ills in society. Folks at home are not impressed and expressed their disenchantment by tuning out. They argue: what right have a bunch of 'lovies' to lecture the public? Why should we listen to a gaggle/rabble of millionaires who have found fame and fortune on the basis of good looks and luck. How are they qualified to berate the populous concerning complex issues of which they have absolutely no understanding? As Mr Gervoise so wisely expostulated: “why don't you shut the fuck up and get pissed”. Wise words indeed.

Disaffection with this year's Oscars was palpable. In 2015, the Oscars pulled in over 37 million viewing punters. This in itself was a major decline from the 1990s, when the Oscars were watched by 58 million. This year not so much. Only 9.5 million folk could be bothered to tune in. Some of the smarter celebs are seeing the 'way of the wind' and express disdain with the proceedings by not showing up to the debacle. Sir Anthony Hopkins, although receiving the Oscar for, 'Actor in a Leading Role' category, for his performance in 'The Father' couldn't be arsed to show up. Apparently, Sir Anthony's agent stated that his esteemed client was fast asleep at home.

The ceremonies have trailed away from their prime directive and are no more than a sounding board and a finger wagging exercise for a bunch of twats totally out of tune with the viewing public that they are supposed to serve. Award events have become increasingly irrelevant over recent years and deserve to wither away as befits their futile status. Will anyone notice? Gone are the days when celebs could command public awe and unjustified adoration. Our critical age has revealed their true worth. No one gives a shit. So called celebs and screen stars need to adapt to their new found, lowly status and take on board a good dose of well deserved humility, if they can. Arse.