Saturday, 6 September 2014

Aotearoa: Land of the Long White Smoke Cloud

                                                                Have a fag for god.

In New Zealand there is a new 'initiative' dreamed up by the Waikato District Health Board. Maori pregnant women are being offered the incentive of $250 to give up smoking. Apart from being a total waste of tax payers money, isn't the scheme racist? I detest all forms of discrimination in all its manifestations and sincerely believe there is a special place in hell reserved for cunts who espouse positive discrimination. If it is to be offered to one racial group, then it should be offered to all, surely?

I suspect this is another scheme dreamed up by ivory towered politicians/clinicians/senior administrators who have no idea about nicotine addiction, first hand. Of course women will cynically take the 'gelt', but if you think the scheme will have any serious impact on pregnant Maori women smoking rates, then you are not attuned to reality. Furthermore, Maori should feel insulted by this initiative. They are being offered 'shiny trinkets' to give up a bad habit. What does this say about Maori? And what does it say about the folk who dream up this crap? Remember the instigators are predominantly, white middle aged, middle class, men. It simply reinforces the widely held stereotype held by New Zealand Europeans that Maori are 'child like' and not to be judged by white man's superior mores. If Maoris are not insulted by this initiative, then they must be pregnant.


  1. There is no such thing as 'positive discrimination'. All discrimination, by definition, is negative. Favouring one class automatically disfavours another...

  2. oh dear positive discrimination.... not.... positively bribery maybe.