Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday, bloody Sunday.....

C'mon give the girl a break. Not everyone has taut sphincters, ya know. I do hear there are certain exercises which can address this problem. Maybe she had one of those farts. You know the ones. You think it is going to be okay, but a little bit of moisture just seeps out. Anyway, she is young, she is beautiful and should be able to move on, which is more than I can say for some of the poor buggers featured here.

Lard Arse

I give you the amazing 'magnetic boy'. Then again it could be that some of his adipose tissue has leaked to the surface making his skin extremely sticky. Apparently he can hold a jelly roll securely between the folds of belly fat without dropping a crumb. Now that's, magic.
 Judging from his immediate family it is clear that have not heeded the warning about marrying your first cousin. Uncle Lurch on the left looks like a barrel of fun.

Arse, big fat, arse 
 All trussed up with nowhere to go. I don't know why, but this conjures up the image of my forth coming Sunday roast. I might just have the salad instead. But what is that mysterious object manifesting out of her right buttock, you ask? A leg of a stool perhaps? That being the case the rest of it must be somewhere, buried deep in the rank, rancid, folds of this woman's corpulence.

What do you mean, you can't get a job!
Thank you sir for letting us know. We don't have to worry about twats like this. It is clear that he is not a shining pillar of society and we can thus avoid him accordingly. It the plausible psychos which should concern us. The ones that look like angels but have the heart of a concrete elephant (er, surely some mistake).

I think you've got a bit of shit stuck in your teeth
Not everyone can be as wickedly handsome as you gracious host. However, it would behoove some folk to at least make an effort. A little judicious application of make up, a comb run through their eyebrows and of course, dentistry..........

There goes the neighbourhood
Everyone has a skill. This chaps party trick only becomes manifest after he has imbibed copious amounts of ale. This is no mean feat. Consider the bladder control. I bet this gentleman doesn't have any problems with slack sphincters. Apparently all his full stops do look a lot like commas.

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  1. Reminds me of a song I heard called "Living on the Dole"

    They sent me for an interview for some crap job
    I didn't wanna do it but they said they'd stop me wad
    I turned up in a T shirt with "Fuck you!" on the front
    And the boss just took one look at me and decided I'm a cunt