Friday, 14 October 2016


Don't shoot, tis your uncle Reggie

Lately there seems a lot of fuss about clowns. Throughout the United States there has been a rash of solitary clowns, clowns in twos, threes and a veritable clutch of clowns appearing here and roundabout, looking rather sinister and in situations not usually associated with clowns or clown like activity. Most perplexing.  
The rash of clowns has crossed the Atlantic to Europe and apparently is responsible for a rash of mayhem, accordingly. All this talk of rashes makes me want to scratch, to the bone.   

So, this is how this thing is working out according to the hysteria: weirdo clowns are preying on kids; professional clowns are taking advantage of the hype and using it as an excuse to stray outside the norms of clown based activity, whatever that might mean; the media has nought to offer on a dog day afternoon (?).  
All this insanity has resulted in American police forces advising citizens not to shoot (on sight/site) nefarious clowns or everyday 'normal' clowns- how can you tell the difference? You know one day this is gonna go bad. Bubba is going to give both barrels of good 'ol' buck shot to poor 'Bubba the Clown' as he leaves his pickup to entertain the kiddies at an 8th year birthday party. A job he has done for 40 years. Wrong clown, wrong gun toting non High-School graduating psychopath with a hangover who has just broken up with his non High School graduating (pregnant) Sweet Heart, Peggy Sue. Tis an accident waiting to happen.   

Mayhap all this nonsense is hoax inspired. 
And of course we are approaching Halloween.   

Are clowns funny? That is a subjective question and open to personal interpretation. On this matter the debate remains closed. 

Coulrophobia anyone?


  1. I have never liked clowns. There are too many wandering around in mufti. At least the slapped up ones are easy to spot.

    1. Yes the world is awash with fools. As long as they don't get into positions of power we are okay......

  2. "...the world is awash with fools. As long as they don't get into positions of power..."

    It's a bit bloody late for that stipulation, methinks: they dominate positions of power.

  3. Believe it or not here in the frozen wastes of Eastern England police are searching for a man who went berserk in here in Smalltown on Saturday night. He was rampaging through the town centre dressed as a clown and wielding a machete.

    I shit you not! You could make it up - but I didn't...

  4. That's why we should shoot all clowns on sight- why take the chance?