Sunday, 23 October 2016

Mug shots of Doom II

Another lazy Sunday afternoon in New Zealand. Tis spring in Kiwi land and the sun shineth like a shiny thing. My wife is out shopping and I'm supposed to be doing the gardening. Instead I'm sitting on the deck with the hounds drinking beer and writing my usual crap. So for today's edification and enlightenment I thought I'd share some mug shots of the mad, the sad and the bad. If a picture paints a thousand words, these piccys state: I will go to gaol, a thousand times. And let's be honest, would you want these miserable miscreants roaming your neighbourhood? Lock them up I says, without trial and definitely without parole. Burning them alive is the cheapest option. Petrol is cheap at the moment and our darkest nooks require light. The dark holds terrors of things unseen, at least when viewed straight on. They always lurk on the periphery, on the edge, never quite in focus. Always fleeting and hard to accommodate. I'm starting to digress.

A startled giraffe, anyone? I bet he is great at peering over tall fences.  

Where did he go? He went that a way, perhaps. Is it wrong to mock folk with lamentable deformities? Yes.

"My felon has got no nose." How does he smell?" He can't as he's lost all his olfactory apparatus."

I'm guessing he was arrested at the barbers.

OUCH. That's what happens when you are tardy with the house work. I bet she was asking for it. 

Arrested on the way to the dentist....

Yes, I know I'm a bad seed, but very successful nonetheless. Insight is not a path to recovery. There is no anodyne for what ails me. I say what people think. That's what happens when you are infested with a mind full of daemons. Arse.


  1. Yep - you've been at the red wine again haven't you?

  2. Mr D, as you know, I'm totally capable of writing complete bollix, when sober. Hic.

  3. So instead of writing, you used your old Tipton Academy yearbook...

  4. I only live around 8 miles from Tipton...