Friday, 5 February 2016

Eric Blair

All cameras are equal, but some have bigger lenses

I'm sure the consumptive twat is spinning in his grave. Cough.

O, the ironing


  1. I met his (adopted) son Richard on a cruise. Frankly, he was an obnoxious little cunt. He called me a liar in an argument across the cruise director's table and then demanded I apologize to him for lying.

    I told he he could fuck off and everybody's amazement he stood up in the middle of meal and did precisely that. Like I said, a right cunt!

    Claims never to trade on daddy's name but he made sure everyone knew who he was...

  2. We should, however, perhaps have cause to thank CCTV. Without it, some man would be in chokey right now, at the hands of some deranged bitch and the target-chasing CPS.

  3. How can this madness come to court and destroy a man's life on the basis of no evidence? And the 'so called actress' can walk away after her disgusting unfouded allegtions. We certainly live in a crazy world full of crazy people.