Saturday, 14 June 2014

Too Poor and Dumb to Rent a Trailer

                  If only there was a banjo somewhere to make this image, sublime

This picture begs for analysis, but where do you start? There seems to be a certain degree of agitation going on amongst the participants. I suspect gramps may be the prime mover in this situation. Of course sitting naked on the wood pile and protecting your modesty with a scalding pot is probably normal fare for this neck of the woods.

Grandma says: ‘Jethro, get your cock out the scalding pot. It dun taint the chicken heads.’

Ma on the right says:Officer, take care with the scatter gun, an all. Jethro can take a shot to the head, but mind the scalding pot.’

Everyone certainly loves that scalding pot.

Why hasn't the silly old bugger taken his boots off? Methinks plantar splinters are the least of this man’s problems.

1 comment:

  1. There's definite resemblance to some of my neighbours. Trouble is, the renters move out and get replaced by even worse renters..