Thursday 5 June 2014

The Dual Nature of the Lord is an Ecumenical Question

                                                              I expected Jesus to look a bit more Jewish

Not much point in telling Jesus to fuck off as he is omnipresent, although not always manifest. Of course, it depends whether on this occasion he is present in wholly human form; wholly divine or one person partaking of both natures. Confusing, innit? And you thought all this was decided at the ecumenical council of Chalcedon in 451AD?

On this occasion he decides to manifest at a most inopportune time. Now to my mind that smacks of cussedness, or at the very least a warped sense of humour. C'mon Jesus, give the poor squaddie a break and piss off. Your shining countenance and radiant white robes are a bit of a give away to snipers. Better still, wear battle fatigues, pick up a rifle and start helping out. I bet Jesus could lobeth a Mills bomb a lot further than most.      

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