Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pareidolia. Me pareidolia?

                                                Mr Lighttoast Mr Mugumbo

Consider my chagrin and utter amazement to find a finely wrought image of my best friend, Mr Lighthouse Mugumbo starkly displayed in my early morning toast. Never have my comestibles been so violently and blatantly sullied.                                   

           Mr Marmite remove yourself from my breakfast Mugumbo!

In order to steady my flayed nerves I decided to thickly apply my favourite yeasty spread to my image befouled bread. As I unscrewed the Marmite jar I was immediately assailed with a second, cunningly deported image of Mr Lighthouse Mugumbo. His unmistakable visage seemed to jump out and violently mock me into an uncontrolled paroxysm of dread.

My total stupefaction was totally compounded when I went to take some solace in my morning cup of coffee.....

              Mr Latte Mugumbo

I reached for my latte to fitfully imbibe and hopefully annul my clouded senses. Imagine my consternation to find the ubiquitous form of Mr Lighthouse Mugumbo frothed into my early morning 'wake up' beverage. Enough I cried, and avowed never to break my fast again!


             C'mon Mr Mugumbo, time for your morning walk.