Saturday, 22 March 2014

Mr Potato Head

Arrrgh, my eyes, my beautiful blue, eyes………

Shit, do you think he was a beautiful baby? I’m guessing, no. I suspect he was a large child and a big boned adolescent, finally turning into a fully-fledged, fat cunt. Probably has to rummage round for an hour just to find his dick. Half the time he just comes up with a bit of old spaghetti which became lodged in the crevices and rancid folds. Mayhap he has a nice personality and does a lot of work for charity, but I doubt it.   


  1. There was a programme on the Beeb a while back about a similarly sized cunt in the States. They cut away about 5 or 6 stones of fat. They had to reconstruct his dick because he literally couldn't find it to piss through and has sores on the fat from the piss.

    Should be compulsive viewing for all these obese bastards.

  2. And news today that Britain fattest man has died. The 22 year old weighed 66 stones. He died of a heart attack. There's a fucking surprise...

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    1. Hello Michael, would you like to expand on your most intriguing and beguiling of comments?