Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sunday Dilemma

Ain't life's choices difficult.  I could add a few more places to the list. Tipton is too obvious. Although the place is the arse hole of the Western world I do have a certain grudging love for the place (no shit, Flaxen?). I grew up there and like all the best Tiptonites I fucked off elsewhere as soon as I could afford good shoes.   

The Middle East could do with a bit of a stir up and North Korea would benefit from a little thermal attention. General MacArthur's dream from the first Korean war would be fulfilled. And as for Japan- the nasty slant-eyed nips got off light in 1945. A few more would help to allay my long gone uncles Charlies' fervent desire. He, being a veteran of the Burma campaign, an all. Saw things that destroy a man's humanity. Also, it might cut down on the flow of Japanese snipers parachuting into the West Midlands.

Anyway, conforming to the list in the above picture, which I can't fault, by the way, my additions would make a tally of 10 bombs. I'm making an assumption that the yield of a single bomb would be 100 Megatons. Five of the nuclear buggers would be dedicated to Japan. That'll teach them for believing that Hirohito was a god. And, also, Shintoism is a load of bollocks.

Oh, fuck it make it a round  11 bombs- Tipton is back on the list.

Now, where did I leave my medication.........

There goes the neighbourhood



  1. Whilst I share your views on Tippen (And Gornal, ower kid) I must point out that as I live around 12 or 13 miles (as the crow flies) from said Jewel in The Crown of the Black Country, should you unleash armageddon upon Tippen, I shall be somewhat peeved - at least for the fraction of a millisecond before I become radioactive ash.

  2. For you Ted, I could decrease the yield to around 100kt with ground zero above the library. In thus scenario you should just notice a faint glow on the horizon. Most Tipton residents wont notice the devastation as there will be very little structural change. The excess radiation will cause a few extra mutations it is true, hopefully it will cause mass sterility.

  3. I'll let you know when to give you a chance to put your sunglasses on. How far are you from Kate's Hill in Dudley? I used to live there too. Thinking about adding it to the list.

    1. I'm in Codsall, about 4-5 miles WNW of Wolverhampton. Some 12 miles from Kates Hill - according to Google Maps.

      I wouldn't worry about the "few extra mutations" though, as who would notice?

    2. The only good thing about Dudley, apart from Teddy Grey's toffee, the ale, was JBs.

    3. Haven't been to JBs in around 40+ years; agree about the Teddy Gran's, and a good pint of Hanson's was bostin'.