Friday, 21 July 2017

British Understatement

The little devils.... At least it shows ingenuity and a modicum of practical skill. I've heard that they managed to bag: one itinerant; two romantic couples; brace of Japanese snipers left over from the Second World War; various assorted pansy types  and a whole gypo encampment. Good for them I say. Anyway, tis a basic instinct to protect your 'home'. A place where you feel safe, far away from lunatics/zombies/millennials. I've always believed you should keep your home as long as you can protect it. If that means having to dig up the potatoes for a shallow grave, so be it. Don't forget to put down lots and lots of lime.

Happy hunting


  1. But Flax, if you prepare (and use) the grave first, then plant your spuds over it, the spud plants will surely benefit from the additional nutrients, won't they?

    1. Sound point Ted. I could call resultant tatties: 'Gypo Gold'.