Tuesday, 18 July 2017

In a World Gone Completely Bat Shit Crazy........

As my readers will no doubt know, I have a pathological hate for liberal PC bollocks. My particular bugbear is so-called ‘gender fluidity’. When I was a lad the equation was very simple: there were two genders of the contrary nature: male + female= humanity. As I became knowledgeable in things biological I learned that a rare number of folk had the reproductive organs of both sexes. This is not to say that they had two distinct and discrete reproductive organs, but they certainly had male and female reproductive tissue with varying stages of development. I realised that these poor folk did  not fit easily into the male/female dichotomy and therefore I could envisage a third biological gender: hermaphrodite, or inter-sex.

Then something happened a few years ago when various ‘fruit n nuts’ started to manufacture genders to suit their lifestyle. I could care less about individual’s lifestyle choices. I’m a tolerant type of cove; I’m sure you have noticed. Although I’m not overly fond of gypos, Japanese snipers and Arthur Askey. What I won’t stand for is the PC Brigade and assorted liberal lefties imposing this nonsense onto me. I can stretch to three gender states, anything else is a mere social construct and completely meaningless and devoid of biological content. To emphasise the arbitrary nature of forced gender constructs let us consider ‘genders’ recognised by the Australian sex survey conducted by researchers at The Queensland University of Technology. This study identifies 33 separate genders. I have listed them all for my reader’s edification:
Transgender Woman; Transgender Man; Trans person; Transsexual; Transgender; Trans Man; Trans Woman; Female to Male; Male to Female;  Transsexual; Cisgender; Cis Female; Cis Male; Gender Non-Conforming;. None Gender; Non-Binary; Neutrois; Genderfluid; Genderqueer; Demigender;. Demigirl; Demiboy; Agender; Intergender; Intersex; Pangender; Poligender; Omnigender; Bigender; Androgyne; Androgyny; Third Gender and  Trigender.
And let us not forget the mundane but accurate designation- Male and Female. 

According to Facebook there are 56 recognised genders. Surely this just underscores the whimsical and capricious (nay, absurd) nature of gender insanity.

Should we pander to a minority of weirdo’s and inadequate folk living on the margins of society? Tis bad enough to hear the whinging, whining minority, insisting that we don’t assent to the patriarchal notion of binary gender and woe betide you if you call them by the wrong pronoun. Expect a shrill screech of entitlement. What is even more disturbing is the willingness of the ‘The Establishment’ to comply with this madness. The government inspired ‘Women and Equalities Committee’ chaired by British Members of Parliament are of the opinion: That gender should be removed from official documents and passports. 

These MPs are turning gender confusion into a judicial stance that cries out for  enforcement. The committee are also of opinion that the act of denying gender fluidity is tantamount to a hate crime and wants: ‘stirring up hatred’ against trans people to become a criminal offense. This includes insulting and derogatory remarks ie denying irrational gender assignment. It seems that the hard won right: 'freedom of speech' should only apply if no one is offended. May Woden forgive us.

If an individual considers themselves a trans-gender cis-trans, then good luck to them. Just don’t expect me to be complicit and comply. Germaine Greer caused a stir when she sensibly stated: “that transgender women ‘can’t be women", adding: “Just because you lop off your penis … it doesn’t make you a woman.” A lucid moment of sanity from an unexpected source in a debate bordering on the surreal. Rant over.

I’m off to my expansive Drawing Room to consume a quart of brandy and smoke a good cigar. I may be some time.


Watch and weep with laughter.......


  1. "...According to Facebook there are 56 recognised genders..."

    At least 53 of which are not recognised by me, other than as mental illnesses/aberrations.

  2. The Blocked Dwarf21 July 2017 at 01:29

    I was intrigued to learn my gender is not 'male'-as I had naively thought, but 'CIS'. I want my 'Bodie & Doyle Secret Decoder Ring'!

    1. Tis in the post BD. It might take a while.......

  3. Queer kids stuff? From the presentation of that video its plainly aimed at very young children who shouldn't even be aware of such stuff at that age, If I as a `cis` male tried to talk to very kids who weren't mine about sex I`d expect to have a highly unpleasant meeting with the kids father and/or the police.
    How are these people allowed to get away with this?

    1. Indeed Andy- makes you want to burn stuff, doesn't it?

  4. Here in Eugene Oregon, the university hosted the annual Diversity Equality Tolerance Oppression-Approppriation Celebration Day.

    Some college students invited me to do a tarot-lightworker Myers-Briggs crystal-ashram vegan-enneagram fractal-starseed pendulum-rainstick Ashtar toefoo-vortec . Apparently, I am a YGBSM.

    The teddy-bear chewers saw my results, and crawled sobbing into a Lego'd-off safe-corner of their yurt... dragging their coloring books... to resonate into a fuller realization of their 'selves'... while holding authentic space... and processing their emotions... through their crown chakra... while holding conscious dialogue... during a candlelight vigil... to become actualized. And that's OK, too.

    Fortunately, their footsies had padded knees. Good planning.

    But they still had trouble with the child-proof caps on their meds. Happy to oblige. That's what friends are for.

  5. Oops. You caught me. Yep, I'm messing with their fung shui.

    Obviously, I am a serial terrible person. All part of my scheme to "...fail to disempower their cis-legitimization aggression-marginalization macro-trigger..."