Wednesday 27 July 2016

Chance and Circumstance?

The randomness of life? I learned today that an ex-colleague has had a stroke. I was taken aback as she was the last person I would suspect as being laid low by a cerebral infarction. At 55 she appeared superbly fit and slim. Running and working out at the gym five times a week has honed her into an athlete. No meat passes her lips; she does not smoke or drink. And yet she still suffered from a major life debilitating episode. As I've said in previous posts: Genetics plays a big component in our ultimate health. Some folk are genuinely protected from life's excesses and some are genetically prone. Add in a good dollop of chance and circumstance and you have the complex mix which is susceptibility to disease and illness.

Just learned that my son has landed a plumb management position with NZ Post. So this weekend I’ll be out celebrating. I can see a large steak, red wine (a whole bottle) all finished off with a good cigar.


  1. Good on your son:- he'll be able to afford a better retirement home for you :-)

  2. Unless he spends all his money on beer and exotic women.........

  3. That's to be expected:- let's hope he doesn't squander any remaining.