Monday, 28 September 2015

Doggerel written on the occasion of the demise of the popular entertainer, Cilla Black


O Cilla, you slipped on the patio and bumped your noodle,
No one around to help except Nobby the poodle.
But Nobby’s no Lassie and didn’t get help,
Not even a whimper, bark or a yelp.  
Sadly you expired in the hot Spanish sun,
Been baked alive like a big current bun.


So now you are with the choir invisible,
Entertaining the Angels with your Scouse accent, bizarre and risible.
No longer will we see you on the box,
No longer will we see your flaming red locks.
Although your performance was ever so crass,
So I’ll just finish off by saying, arse, big fat, ass.


  1. The Tutor would like you to fuck off.
    He liked Cilla Black.
    He has all her records - mostly 45rpms.

    Personally, I can't abide her singing and I don't know enough about her life to appreciate any funnies in your post. But I do know you, so I reckon the funnies are mediocre at best.

    1. Yep, I'm a total cunt. Insight should be the battle won, but in my case provides no solution.

  2. I absolutely refuse to put this to music!

    Whilst in Australia, I did spot a lorra lorrakeets. Perhaps they are related. I think we should be told...