Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Testicular freshness matters

Are you concerned with ‘manly’ freshness? Then you need: New Improved DDT. New Improved DDT has been proven to infiltrate into those hard to reach crevasses and folds resplendent within the inner sanctum of your nether regions. No infestation too rampant; no moistness too damp. Simply apply New Improved DDT using attached applicator and probe (patent/patient pending) and watch those stubborn critters curl up and spin uncontrollably as the neurotoxin wreaks havoc. Perfect for those hard to reach scrotal wrinkles and deep dank, ravines.

Never infect your love one again!

Mr Invert Mugumbo (Rampant Homosexual)
"I use New Improved DDT to keep my fellas smelling and tasting fresh. After a hard evening of active 'bum fun'  I can't wait to immerse my hot sticky bollocks in New Improved DDT.  Keeps my nuts squeaky clean and free of tics and crabs". Arse, big sore arse. 

Fat poof

Use as directed. May cause impotence.