Sunday, 30 August 2015

Flaxen's mug shots of doom....Arse

Frankly I'm bored and couldn't be bothered to come up with an erudite post. So you will have to put up with my sad musings and stuff garnered from today's trawl of the Internet for casual amusement. Today's offering is a collection of mug shots. I did a similar post some time ago and for the same reason. Strange that folk who manage to get arrested often have problems in other areas of life and are prone to poor life choices in general. When the Lord taketh away, he does so, with a spade.......   

This is pure supposition on my part, but I reckon this fella was arrested on drug charges- Crystal meth, anyone?
Who you looking at?

I'm guessing that this man does not have gainful employment. Put it down to my psychic abilities. I'm channelling a life spent mostly in gaol for this gentleman.   
Face that launched a thousand arrest

A woman of colour. Are we allowed to say that? Is negro the new black? Anyway, this negro lady is also an albino. Thus, she is white and therefore, a living oxymoron.  

Albinism: an autosomal recessive disorder

This man has a medical condition called a 'goitre'. The thyroid gland has become enlarged and the cause can be due to a number of reasons. Usually it is  treatable, given a good prison physician.  
That man has a fat neck

This is an interesting case of self-mutilation or self-expression, depending on perspective. Initially, I thought the gentleman had used a rubber band to achieve a moronic aspect. But I was wrong. The bands are the remains of his 'modified' ear lobes.

If I had tits like this I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. Admittedly this is not a mug shot, but funny all the same. Is it wrong to laugh at this man's lamentable deformity? Yes.
This man is feeling a right tit. Okay, it's a left tit. Although he could be looking at himself in the mirror. Still wouldn't work, Arse.

That's all folks......