Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Choose your Real Estate Agent with due prudence

Selling your home is never going to be easy- tis one of life’s most stressful events. Unless you market the house yourself, you will likely employ the services of your friendly neighbourhood Real Estate Agent. You place yourself wholeheartedly in their professional hands and expect, nay demand, they act entirely in your best interests and market your home accordingly. Professionally rendered photographs are essential if you are to pique the interest of potential buyers. I can’t help feel that some Estate Agents should spend more time planning their ‘shots’ in order to maximise the home’s most desirable features whilst minimising the less attractive elements. Here's a selection of Real Estate photos where both the owners and their Agents could have tried harder. Read on and weep……….

                                  I wonder what happened to my beloved pussy-cat,                      Tiddles? Perhaps he is reposing on the neighbour's overgrown lawn

Decor to die for. This is simply a true statement. As mortals, we are ultimately doomed. But do we need to be reminded every morning over our amphibious landing craft shaped wheaty, oaty flakes? This is the kitchen, isn't it?

“Dr Watson, where do you think Professor Moriarty has hidden the body?
“Indeed Holmes, a most vexed conundrum worthy of your higher investigative capacities”   

Desirable condo comes with very own floating dead body

Conveniently located next to the slaughterhouse

Suit the keen gardener

Check out the fella having a poo. Clearly both the owner and the estate agent
were in a hurry 

Er, not sure I'd trust the showers in this house 

And finally........
Arse, Big Fat, Arse

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  1. It took me a little longer to know my apartment manager well, but he and the dove mountain Luxury Real Estate guy both are very supportive now, communication has been better too.