Sunday, 1 March 2015

Onan was a wanker

Knock, knock, knock on heaven's door

Tis no surprise that the religiously minded are against masturbation. In the 19th century, masturbation was associated with madness, blindness and a feeble intellect. No data were produced to support the association. No matter, in those days the young tended to listen to their elders and accepted this sort of thing, uncritically.  Not so in the modern age. The psychological harm must have been prodigious. No wonder we lost the Empire. It was knocked down circa 1976: had many happy moments there, snogging in the back row. I've digressed. The religious  have thought anew and have regressed into the Dark Ages. I blame it on too much wanking in the seminary/semenary. The radical Christian right now invokes the Devil for everything. He is everywhere waiting to pounce on the unrepentant sinner. Don't touch your naughty bits! Masturbation, by either sex, equates to eternal damnation. Okay, being sent to the 'hot place' for wanking is a bit extreme, but surely tis a sin worthy of some form of punishment? Seems a bit unfair to me. God provides the ‘pleasure buttons’ then tells us not to press. To my mind, it makes god a bit of a wanker himself. 

Of course, the above illustration is a spoof but reflects the view of many religious loonies out there. The religious right are so fucking righteous that it is often difficult to sift the humour from the dogma.  

I am doomed I tell ya, DOOMED! My eyesight and hearing are failing but at least I've retained my sanity. Arse.

The Devil's Dumplings


  1. Nice link. "Tell Jesus you love him by liking him on Facebook" says it all about the cunts in the world these days...

    1. "Jesus loves you" is a phrase which can bring comfort...

      ...but not when heard in a Mexican prison.

  2. Gordon Bennet! They are supposed to be Human?

    Well, if they are right their god is sleeping on the job. There shouldn't be a teenage male with internet access alive.

    Unless being 'zapped' by god is a euphemism for something else.