Saturday 13 December 2014

Tipton welcomes thoughtful gypos......

Gypos are nice folk, really
The Tipton tourist board extends the hand of welcome to all right thinking gypos out there. Come and make camp in one of our areas of outstanding beauty. Invite your friends and perch your garishly adorned mobile homes on our green and verdant grass verges. Feel free to lovingly deposit your rubbish and faeces as you please. Don’t forget to steal from the  locals  and  from any law abiding citizens who inadvertently cross your path . Don’t worry about paying tax of any kind. Intimidate and threaten and cause drunken mayhem in the local pubs. Education is overrated and  not being able to read or write is no impediment in our modern society. Let your flea bitten undernourished dogs roam and squat, at will, in children’s play areas.

Or if you prefer: Fuck off to the benighted shit hole you hail from.   ARSE.

Mr Gypo O'Mugumbo, coming to you, soon
                                      Saxon hates fucking gypos


  1. Rickie hates fucking gypos too.

    Thankfully gypos in the UK have not reached anywhere near the problem they are in Spain where the thieving begging bastards vitually become a problem once you are in public areas for longer than 10 mins.

    The nearest comparison here in the UK is chuggers and big issue sellers who manage to approach me every time I go in a major town, unfortunatley gypsies will try and fucking rob you if you are stupid enough to hesitate and give them money as an act of kindness.

    The problem with folk over here is they do not recognise gypsies , I often seen gypsies prowling about in markets/shopping centres with the general public unaware of who they are, in Spain synchronized clutching of handbags in public areas like dominos falling down is normal.

    UK is an easy target...go into any supermarket tomorrow and see how many open handbags there are, moblile phones on tables, bags behind peoples chairs....thats why tourists are robbed blind in Barcelona its cos they just aren't used to it.

    Farage is right about quality of life being affected... and its going to get a lot worse.


  2. "...right thinking gypos...

    Now there's an oxymoron if ever I saw one

  3. Agree with everything written. Carry on!