Sunday 28 December 2014

The real meaning of Christmas

Christmas is finally over, to everyone's great relief and surprise. The celebration which began in mid October has finally petered out on the 27th of December. The consolation is hauntingly palpable. Could it be that in all this insane consumerism we are tragically losing the true meaning of Christmas? Mayhap in all the jingle, tinsel and cheap aftershave we are missing the quintessence and true message of this ancient festival? Are our livers and waistlines so swollen that we can no longer see the garish socks, worn with gaiety and wanton abandon? Socks so festooned with comic images of Santa that it befuddles our dazed senses and prevents sound judgement. I suspect, as a society, we have lost our way and no longer see 'Christmas'. It has become festooned with cheap flashing lights and gaudy rose tinted images of sleighs and cheap aftershave. We no longer connect with the true spirit of Christmas. Everything is viewed through beer frothed goggles. Could it be that we need to recapture/recapitulate and reinvent the Christmas of yesteryear? Are we so jaded and lost, as a society, that we can no longer restore the sublime Christmases of our youth? However, I am hopeful and imbued with cheap liquor and aftershave. I see a future which is wondrous, meaningful and replete with all manner of things which connect and re-establish the heart warming, blood curdling, bone numbing Christmases we all, once knew. This is not the fevered dream or fancy of a madman, but the musings of a man with a certificate which endorses his heart felt sanity.  This writ is wrote by a MD and psychiatrist of note and notoriety. His musings are deserved of serious deliberation  and contemplation. If you are in the frame of mind to dispute, then be availed of just cause. I digress.

Of course, it is not inconceivable that I'm espousing complete and utter fanny batter and bollocks, as usual. Arse.Arse. Arse. Arse......



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  1. Mid October? Well, I know you Kiwis are a bit slow, but nevertheless...