Wednesday, 16 July 2014


 Maybe this breatharian is sneaking the odd hot dog
Breatharians embrace the view that they can sustain nourishment through sunlight, air or a mystical energy called ‘prana’. Some adherents partake of one, or all, of these novel routes to sustenance. Normal nutrition need not intrude. Calories are not required, at least from the usual food groups. Now this is something different from just anorexia or those folk who believe in restricted calorie intake in a deluded attempt to prolong their life. We are talking about people who deny fundamental biology. Mammals are not autotrophs and cannot photosynthesise using light. Green plants can manufacture carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water using light energy but require the chemical, chlorophyll. We require a solid food intake, and for a healthy diet, a judicious mix of carbohydrates, protein and fats. A sufficient quantity of minerals and vitamins are generally included in a normal healthy diet.

If you go for a prolonged period without normal food, you will lose weight and eventually die of malnutrition; there are no exceptions. Those who declare otherwise are either deluded or wish to delude others, usually for personal, financial gain.

Deaths have occurred when feeble minded people have tried to hold fast (pun intended) to these tenets. Some of the supposed ‘adepts’ have been caught cheating by fulfilling their energy needs by the conventional, oral route. Those breatharians asked to undertake controlled tests have either cheated or the tests have been terminated due to concerns for the participant’s health.

Breatharianism is just another new age fad masquerading as ‘Eastern Mysticism’. Supposedly ancient and esoteric, breatharianism is nothing more than pseudo-scientific bollocks and deserves to be treated with laughable content/contempt and derision.

‘Arse, small thin arse'

This chic needs more prana


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  1. Don't tell a certain acquaintance of our's in France about this. I'm sure he'd embrace it whole heartedly!!

    God, that top one is truly gross... in all senses of the word!