Sunday 6 July 2014

Flaxen's Random Sunday Shit

Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans

They be Jutes by the cut of their jib. A bit of dentistry wouldn't go amiss either. Although I suspect cosmetic dentistry is way low on the list of these lad's priorities.

To be fair, no one looks good on their passport photo
Everyone grows up. Looks like Beavis has had a hard time adjusting to adulthood judging from the scars on his forehead. And those blank staring eyes speak volumes.

Her IQ and chest size are the same
Now this is my type of gel. Blonde but not too smart.

Me: 'Do you know the difference between sex and conversation?'

Her: 'No.'

Me: 'Then come up to my room for interactive discourse.' 

Off for gastric bypass surgery, no doubt

First bunny to second bunny: 'Oh why do the young and the beautiful, go first.'

Clown: 'Hang on Deirdrie, the ladder in your tights can be repaired.'

Paramedic: 'After we drop her off at the morgue, breakfast is on me.'

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