Sunday, 27 June 2021

It's Never Aliens: Nothing to see here.....

And so the much awaited report has been released by the US. The document is 9 pages long and mentions 144 unidentified objects. As expected, this short report is not ground breaking and there is avid speculation as regard to the 'unclassified' portion of the report, that was not released for public consumption.

There is nothing in the report that wasn't known already. It mentions various 'explanations', including extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional origins.

Predictably, the Pentagon has been accused of a 'cover up' and that the juiciest observations have been omitted. Also, predictably, the 'conspiracy  crowd' have gone wild with condemnation.

Here is a direct quote from the report:

'The limited amount of high-quality reporting on Unidentified Arial Phenomenon (UAP) hampers our ability to draw firm conclusions about the nature and intent of UAP.'

As expected, nary a word concerning abductions and especially 'Anal Probing'. If you have been reading my blog you will know that this topic is very close to my heart (Arse), as I have been anally probed by aliens on multiple occasions, usually after imbibing copious amounts of strong Ale. Here is a couple of examples for your viewing pleasure. I've included one personal example and a further example concerning my good friend, Mr Ipod Mugumbo (for it is he). Nuff said, for now.......

  The Flaxen Saxon Chronicles: Search results for aliens anal probing  The Flaxen Saxon Chronicles: Search results for mugumbo anal probing


  1. Let me see... it's either some terrestrial cause like weather balloons or aeroplanes, or false claims by attention seekers - or some aliens that we don't know exist, that are able to travel 10s or 100s of light years to visit earth, and end up just doing aerial wheelies or doughnuts in their spacecrafts.

    Nope. Not aliens.

    1. Aye, not aliens. My bet is on a secret US programme.

    2. Paradoxically, it can't be. If there were US government involvement, such a programme would be neither secret nor functional.