Monday, 7 June 2021

I'm back.......

Tis been a while since my last post. In fact my output for May was just a single composition. The muse that once sat upon my broad shoulders has left and I’m bereft. My writing prowess has diminished accordingly. In truth, I have been writing, but for all my endeavours I’m left with a clutch of half finished essays.

But do not despair gentle reader, the blog will continue. I will gather my formidable mental capacity and by ‘force of Will’ command my pain wracked/wrecked body to compose with fanatical fury. Oxycontin is my friend/fiend.

It is my intention to publish six posts during the merry month of June.

O great joy I hear you yammer: “the flaxen haired one has returned with gusto. We will continue to bask in his wisdom and sage commentary. Surely we must rejoice, and shout from every hillock and high place. All in accord will exclaim with head upturned- flaxen has come back to the fold. No more despond and despair. The dark cloud/shroud that once covered his fair countenance is no more”.

Watch this space and wait with bated anticipation for my next composition. Arse bucket.


  1. Normal commenting will soon recommence.

    Seriously, though folks, welcome back. I hope that you and Shagger are in finest fettle.

    1. Shagger's health waxes and wains with his master's health He has just chewed off the rubber arms of a Buzz Lightyear toy- all is well

  2. Welcome back. You've been missed - as if our arseholes-in-charge weren't spreading enough doom & gloom.

    I eagerly await the bottled-up wit.