Friday 25 December 2020

Christmas Akimbo!


Tis the magical time of year when all strife ceases and goodwill over flows from the chalice of human kindness. Regardless of creed or religious affiliation folk come together as one and peace reverberates through a land, fecund and verdant. No dissention is heard. Generosity is manifest and smiles are on the lips of everyone as they dance in unmitigated joy. Hark and hear the laughter of small children as they hold hands and frolic with joyous abandon.

This year the Flaxen household will partake of the simple joys of the season. Cosy chats around an oak log fire. Sensible imbibing of egg nog and other alcoholic beverages will ensue. Roasted chestnuts will keep Jack Frost at bay and mistletoe will adorn the high eaves of our humble five bedroom abode.
Choristers will sing, in harmony, at our holly bedecked door. Snow will flurry pristine white upon the land and settle in drifts after a light choreographed scurrying. No tumult: all will be tranquil, sweet accord. Mother nature in tune with Man and Mankind responds in kind- sweet sigh of unrelenting, unsurpassed bliss.   
Merry Christmas to all my gentle readers and may the New Year be bountiful and cast sweetmeats at your sublime countenance. As you have probably guessed, I have already partaken of the Christmas medication. In my dreams, ferrets are always winged. Go Shagger!


  1. Aye, right.
    By this early morn time, here in the frozen fastnesses of the land ruled by Wee Nippie, also known as The (Wee Jimmy) Krankie, you will be already well into your festive feasting.
    A Happy Yuletide to you and all of yours.
    And a healthy and prosperous New Year. May your bow shaft ne'er be floppy.
    Looks like Shagger has found a mate and is going for the Flying Ferret Flop.
    A risky, risque, root.