Saturday, 27 June 2020

CHAZ without Dave

Seattle-area protest updates: No police reports filed about use of ...

An Experiment of Doom

Following the death of George Floyd socialist progressives and the left-wing media have gone on a metaphorical and actual rampage on the premise that 'Black Lives Riot, er I mean Matter'. What about other races? While it is true that the police kill more blacks than other races- er perhaps because blacks commit more violent crime than other folk. Mayhap if blacks stopped killing each other then the police would refrain from their contribution. It seems radical, I know.

Seatle has set up an autonomous region in the city with the tacit approval of the Mayor. This zone is free from authority of any kind. The police have withdrawn for now. It seems that the: Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAS) is a self unregulated microcosm of anarchy.  The Mayor, Jenny Durkan, described the 'experiment' as a return to the 'Summer of Love'-what could go wrong?

It appears, that some of the occupiers, at least, have considered this action to be ongoing and long-lived and have seriously considered forming a form of governance based on a consensus without designated leaders. Considering how democracy has evolved, developed, and has been honed to imperfection over the past 2,500 years the declaration/designation of an experimental society from scratch is bound to form seamlessly without a stitch of a societal tear/tear. What could go wrong?  Apparently, hip hop artist, Raz Simone describes himself as the self-proclaimed de facto leader (warlord). Surely, this is totalitarianism, or did I miss the ballot?

There have been demands: Of course, that's how civilised society works. Criminals make demands and the elected officials put there by the democratic process, comply. So what are the demands: Let's start with the abolition of the police force and reallocating the funds to community health; banning the police of any offensive weapons including batons (I thought they were disbanded?). Mandatory retrials for blacks who are serving time for violent crime. Free public housing and free higher education. A refocus on Native American and Black History. What an interesting manifesto. The mandatory release of violent criminals plus a huge tax hike to pay for these 'progressive' reforms is going to promulgate and maintain stability in a modern society, Arse.

Logistics are important in war and peace and especially during a siege. If you destroy and exhaust supplies- wot ya gonna do? You could ask the surrounding and supporting populace to provide provender. So, what are the demands? I suggest a fatted calf or and a case of breaded products. Let's look at the actual demands.  It seems the residents of CHAZLAND are requesting tofu, soy-stuff, and vegan products. Methinks the warlord is going to do well here. Need I say more?

Apparently, during the day a carnival atmosphere dominates. But what happens after dark/darkies? Guess what? Folk start to burn stuff, loot and violence ensures. Businesses that haven't been destroyed are boarded up. Innocent folk and businesses caught up in the maelstrom have left. Every decent citizen has decided enough is enough and are relocating out of town. When all this done and the authorities decide to enforce the rule of law and civilisation what will be left? Let me guess: Destruction, graffiti, and lost businesses. Ultimately, the good burghers will be picking up the tab through taxation and higher taxation at that, because the tax base has diminished. The wankers who have destroyed the infrastructure will not be held to account as they will have fucked off to pastures new. 

Normally, I would suggest a radical burning and purging. But as a reformed arsonist, I'm not allowed to advocate such an activity by a mandate of law. Here is my revised solution. Cordone off the area and remove any decent folk that are left. Drop a low yield atomic bomb. Leave it to cool down and bulldoze the lot. Do you think my plan harsh?


  1. "Do you think my plan harsh?"

    No, I think your plan needs a little modification with the substitution of a neutron bomb for the low yield atomic bomb, thereby minimising both the "cool down" period and the required amount of bulldozing.

    You know it makes sense.

    1. Aye, the neutron bomb option has merit, our Ted.

  2. A bit late to comment on your previous post (it might never be seen) but your Granddaughter is delightful - as is your daughter, and no doubt, your SWMBO. With all those females in the house, you might find this mildly amusing:

    1. Luckily I have a very large shed/man cave with a beer fridge.

  3. Such cynicism from one so young.
    Dear oh dear.

    1. Indeed M. What happened to that bright eyed idealist of yesteryear? Mayhap the reality of life's vicissitudes has put burrs on my soul and callus on my heart- probably why it only beats at 50 times a minute.