Sunday, 21 June 2020

Freja's 1st Birthday

Chippus Blockus Maximus
Behold my granddaughter who turned one yesterday. She is a sheer delight for her doting grandfather as he descends into his dotage. But what of her future? Will it be bright? Frankly, I'm not sure. The world we inhabit has changed so much in the last 60 years. And while change is inevitable, certain changes are not necessarily for the better. I worry about her education and her ability to obtain a career that pays a salary that enables financial independence. I worry that she will be caught up and damaged by the insanity of liberal left-wing doctrine. I worry about her future......

I suspect I won't be around when she makes critical life-changing decisions as she reaches the fraught stage of early adulthood. I won't be there to offer wisdom, and other advice that she would probably ignore. Her mother, my daughter, will do her best, I'm sure. I fervently hope that when Freja's 35 she won't be living with parents as her mother does today.


  1. Mine is precisely a year older, and similarly adorable. Whilst you are correct in worrying about the baleful effect of left-wing politics, describing it as liberal stretches the meaning of that word beyond breaking-point.

  2. Beautiful heartwarming pictures.
    Your wife must have the good looks.
    Maybe you can contribute brain power and humour.
    Mind you, by marrying you she has proved she has a sense of humour.
    Good luck to all of you.

  3. My granddaughter will be one in just a month's time & my daughter is 36. My concerns for their futures are precisely the same as yours. One major difference is that my daughter won't allow pictures of Augustina anywhere on the interweb. Freja does have one big advantage, however; she is in NZ. I fear the geographical oxymoron known as the United Kingdom will not be a good place to live for those of English descent. It's only a matter of time before people with fair hair & blue eyes are banned. Fat Wives Natter, you see.

    We spent 6 weeks in Oz last year & loved it, but saw the same signs of fuckwittery everywhere we went. We had intended to tour NZ for a couple of months this year, but couldn't go for obvious reasons. Don't know if it will ever happen now.

    Enjoy your doting. We haven't been allowed to do any for 3 months now. House arrest, spent playing 'Simon Says' with extra fines is becoming tedious.


  4. Your girls living with you may be safer for both than out and about as prey to the thugs now rampaging the globe chanting only black lives matter.

  5. Lovely pictures!
    my daughter's just 35, with two grandsons, 3 1/2 and 6 months. I held the little one last weekend for the first time since February. So, as said above, you are very lucky to have them with you - it's crap in the UK.

    Black Knaves Mutter

  6. Black Knaves Mutter- sounds like the title of a post?

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