Saturday 31 December 2016

Happy New Year

Tis been said that 2016 has been a good/bad year for celebrity deaths. No doubt it has been a bumper season for the 'Dead Pool' enthusiasts. Don't always nominate the very old buggers. Look at Kirk Douglas, he recently reached a 100. Although to be fair, he looks totally fucked. At the end, and in between, we should look at quality over quantity. Once pleasure of life dissipates, then death becomes a welcome relief. Into gentle oblivion, we go. Of course, the puritanical Western legal-medical paradigm considers suicide a crime. I'll not become mired in the 'Right to Die' debate today. A later post, perhaps?

I'm reminded of what is deemed a celeb these days. There appears to be a sliding scale from the Pitts to ex soap 'star's who eke out a living in panto (O, no they don't!) and 'Dancing with the Twats'. I suppose everyone has to make a living, somehow.
So, enjoy the New Year whatever it may bring.  

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