Tuesday, 27 December 2016


A picture paints a thousand sausages, or general words to this effect
Christmas presents are predictable. The usual round of aftershave, underwear and socks. I'm  a man who wants for nothing. Simple pleasures; simple man. I'm difficult to buy for; I understand this. Anyway, my son bought me a model, trebuchet. Definably the best present I've had in a handful of Christmases. For those not aware of medieval devices of destruction, let me introduce the Trebuchet, the feared weapon of the Middle Ages. Before the advent of gun powder this was the serious destroyer of castles and fortresses. The trebuchet is powered exclusively by the power of gravity and well designed machines could hurl a 350 pound projectile at enemy battlements.  

It took about two hours to construct the wooden model. Thereafter we fired missiles over the deck into the back garden- very satisfying. Neighbourhood cats were bemused and neighbours looked  on with awe. 

Beast of Doom