Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Phantom of Dudley Castle........

The headless, ‘Green Lady’, has been espied once again roaming the environs of Dudley castle. 
Dudley castle, at a jaunty angle 

The spectral phantasm, is believed to be none other than ‘The Lady in Green’- a 15th century courtesan who plied her trade in the halls and byways of Dudley castle, circa 1462.

Her ethereal form has even been seen in Dudley High Street. On more than one occasion she has been observed entering ‘Supercigs’ and purchasing 40 Embassy filter tips (high tar). The shop owner, Mr Khan, had this to say: “Mrs Green is a frequent visitor and often stops for a chat.” Asked whether she appeared to be bereft of a ‘bonce’ Mr Khan became lyrical. “She seemed to be in possession of a head. In fact as I recall, she appeared to have more than the requisite number required for sentient existence. One was perched correctly upon her shoulders, admittedly at a jaunty angle, while a second was placed betwixt her arm and midriff, and a third was balanced rather precariously on the end of her left foot. I did think it looked rather odd, but this Dudley after all."

It is said the ‘Green Lady’ was executed in 1472 for treason. Her head was chopped clean orf and thrown into the local midden pit. Locals decree that she is forever doomed to tread Dudley castle and the High Street looking for her detached noggin. Although judging from Mr Khan’s testament she has already procured said dome and has set forth to acquire a tidy noddle collection.   

Green Lady, in repose

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