Saturday, 25 October 2014

Evolution, the reprise

Seems about right, doesn't it?

I wrote a post a while back entitled, 'The Theory of Evolution'. In truth it wasn't really about evolutionary theory at all, and was a short piece about the scientific method. Oddly, this post attracted a lot of views and even more strangely, comments. Most of my posts go without comment, but on this occasion I attracted 26. Admittedly, some of the comments were penned by myself in reply to commentators.

I enjoy a good debate and revel in the sophistry it sometimes engenders. But on this occasion it attracted a few ill thought out comments of scant merit. There seems to be a lot of ignorance about evolutionary theory and the scientific method. That being the case, I have decided to institute a series of posts outlining various aspects of evolutionary theory and it's biological implications. My aim is to dispel some of the misconceptions and downright silliness which seems to attach to the subject.

Unlike most of what I write, this is something I venture upon with a degree of knowledge and expertise. As a professional biologist I've taken post graduate courses in evolutionary theory. Consequently, I can espouse bollocks, on the topic, until cow shit evolves into veracity.......

If nothing else, my expensive scientific education has provided me with the 'tools' to be able to debate the theory of evolution with Jehovah Witnesses when they turn up at the door. Coming off topic (I digress). Have you ever noticed that JWs always travel in pairs? One does all the talking, while his mate, just stares; most disconcerting. As with all JW doctrines, their stance against evolution is rooted in doctrinal dogma, and is therefore superficial and easily refuted.

Anyway, getting back on topic. Currently I have no idea how this will roll and haven't written a word, on evolution, as yet. I suppose, for once, I will have to be disciplined and present my posts in some form of unfolding and coherent order. Don't despair, gentle readers, I will intersperse the science posts with my usual crap.

If dinosaus still ruled the world 


  1. On the other hand, you could just quaff a few glasses of red and spout bollocks as usual?..... ;-)

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    1. We get an extra hour of drinking time tonight because the clocks go back. Eat your heart out!

  3. With the statins, my healthy regime and cutting out the red wine, all I've got is sex. Shame.

    1. "...all I've got is sex..."

      All you've got?

      or all you + A N Other have got?

      I think we should be told...