Wednesday, 15 October 2014

"It's starting to look a lot like Hitler...."

Tis that magical time of year (almost) when things are: 

"Starting to look a lot like Hitler"

'We will fight them on the beaches....'  Ooops, wrong war leader
Blondie knows it's not all about the look- you have to have the right moves as well. Good boy, blondie! If only I could get my faithful wolf Eingar to do that. He would certainly deserve extra gypo entrails from the midden pit.

Mr Adler contemplating the Danzig corridor question
This fish eagle is looking for some Herring volk to feed his hungry brood. Bit of advice, Mr Adler, if you want to continue in the role, get a beak reduction.

This Hitler wannabe has only got one ball. How's that for authenticity. Actually, he's got no balls. But don't tell him, it will upset him, and he's liable to have a hissy fit and annex the Sudetenland.

'Hitler has only go one bowl'
Contemplating invading Pooland, perhaps?

Even inanimate objects are making the effort

Shagger Christmas
Merry Hitlertide Everyone!
Soapy tit wank

Don't look at me, I didn't tell him!


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