Sunday, 27 April 2014

Kim Jong-Un is a Cunt

                       Does this uniform make my head look fat?

What can I say, this cunt's dynasty is enough to give nepotism a bad name. He's a fat, ugly slope with a dodgy haircut. In fact the glorious North Koreans leader’s haircut is a stunning tribute to his Stalinist regime. It has minimal style and yet remains vaguely functional. Surely we can’t argue with a man who received 100% of the votes in the election. Now that is what I call democracy in action.


  1. Such disrespect for the Supreme Leader..... How could you?

  2. A representative from the glorious government of North Korear has requested I take this post down. Otherwise the North Koreans will launch a barrage of missiles at my decadent homeland of New Zealand.

  3. May I suggest a brief diplomatic note ?

    "Dear Supreme Leader of the People Democratic Republic of Korea,

    Fuck you! Do your worst!"

    New Zealand is out of range anyway...

  4. Why do world leaders let this obnoxious pathetic excuse for a human exist. Let's nuke the cunts