Sunday, 13 April 2014

Happy Eastre Tide!

                                           Bunnies taste nice if you get them young enough.

Tis almost Easter everyone! Get out your eggs and salute the Easter bunny. What is that you say? Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of a man/god after he was rightfully nailed to a piece of wood for being a malefactor. But men can’t come back from the dead- that would be a miracle. A temporary suspension of natural law, how can that happen? You say, an invisible god, by unknown means can do anything, even if it violates all that we know to be true and hold most dear to our intellectual bosom.  I say, go tell it to David Hume.

Anyway, I celebrate the festival of the dawn/spring by sacrificing a gypo in the midden pit. Eastre, a goddess from the Teutonic pantheon is forever fecund and brimming with ova. That bint has nipples you could hang your hat on, apparently.


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  1. I think this says it all...