Sunday, 26 January 2014

Holiday Snaps

This was taken on a recent holiday to Offa's dyke. Brynhildr was with me and Eingar had gone to chase rabbits. As I recall, Brynhildr was perched atop the dyke shaking her pendulous breasts at the pesky Welsh in wanton defiance. That's my gel. She is so much more fun than Edith 'Swan neck'. "Oh Flaxen does this bauble compliment the delicate lines of my nape?" "Saucy red haired tart, get me more mead!" Fuck, here comes Loki. Quick Brynhildr, let us hide in the ditch.

And before you ask, Offa's dyke is fine. She's looking radiant these days, she really is.


  1. Here's a post for you:

    FUCK(left chevron)sub(right-chevron)YOU(left-chevron)(forward-slash)sub(right-chevron)FLAXEN(left chevron)sub(right-chevron)SAXEN(left-chevron)(forward-slash)sub(right-chevron)

    I had to deduce this shite on my own - no thanks you you!
    And it still won't work in a Comment Box
    I'll be 36 years old in a VERY short time, and the dementia is already kicking in. Having to discover on my own these new things is traumatic for me. And if that weren't bad enough, I'm off to the Great Satan in a few days where I am sure to contract obesity for fuck's sake.

    I hate you!

    "......."Oh Flaxen does this bauble compliment the delicate lines of my nape?"......"

    Is there a preposition missing in this quote? It makes fuck-all sense to me. Perhaps you meant to pixellate 'babble', not 'bauble'?

    Swan neck?

    1. Before I reply coherently: Is this West Saxon, Mercian, or Jutish runes. It better not be those wretched Orkney runes!

  2. And lo it came to pass that the great longboat did set sail from the island of Egg across the silver sea to land of Acklins where the eating was good and so were the natives.

    And there was much singing and dancing and the imbibing of strange psychotropic substances made from the juices of the native plants and it was good.

    We lay upon the beaches and soaked up the sun whilst comely bare breasted wenches did anoint our bodies with oils and bring endless flagons of fresh mead. The living was good.....

  3. Oh, and buy a fucking comb, ya cheap cunt!

  4. Where ya been all day?
    I've been slaying cunts-a-plenty o'er at Cunts Corner and Soylent Siberia.
    The Betas and Gammas are already screaming to their respective Alphas to ban me.
    Caucasoids and their fragile egos.
    As it has been and thus it will ever be.