Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Flaxen's poem of the day

Don't you twats tell me that it is anachronistic to call it 'CD ROM.' Piss orf. DVD player don't scan as well and ruins the metre of my insightful indictment of modern living. This poem stands on it's own merit.
'What is that you are insinuating in my ear Loki? You want me to burn stuff. Not today Loki, I have the midden pit to sort out.' 

 Don't bugger about with my muse! 


Technology rattles in this house,
Pentium wisdom led by a blinded mouse.
Nerveless body slumps in awe,
At a plastic finished, winking, steaming, crackling whore.
Where’s my book? Where’s my pen?
Not required in this den.
Look to modem and whirring drive,
Supplies all your needs for your passive life.
No need to think, no need to move,
Simple pleasures need not intrude.
Insinuate chips of silicon lead:
In your guts; inside your head.
What’s the time? What’s for tea?
I don’t know, don’t bugger with me!
Consider answers, one by one,
Come tripping effortlessly from a CD ROM.

Today, I writ large.


  1. Speaking of CD ROM and Pentium, my posts of late were pixellated at home on an IBM Thinkpad purchased by The Tutor in 1998. It runs Widows 98, has a CD ROM drive AND a 3 1/2 inch floppy drive - and a Pentium III processor! It contains "LOTUS Smart Suite 2000" which is utterly incompatible with Microsoft products. I used "WordPad" to compose my dross and 'saved' the result on a floppy disc which I load into the shop computer using a mobile "Floppy Drive" I plug into the shop computer's USB port!
    Now that is anachronistic!

  2. ALTC: For once, words fail me.......

  3. I am the only person, besides The Tutor, in Pembroke who can write complex spreadsheet programmes using Lotus 1 2 3!

  4. ALTC: Indeed, I am in your thrall. Take me now, bouncy, bouncy.