Thursday, 30 June 2022

Last Day of June


Arse, Big Sore Arse

You will have noticed that my blog has become moribund this month. This is but a temporary phenomenon and will be rectified in the following months. To be honest it has not been a happy month for the Flaxen homestead. As said before, my daughter, her partner and two daughters are currently living with us in our humble four-bedroom home. They moved in three years ago, and naively, I was under the impression we were providing temporary 'emergency housing'. In truth, my daughter has few options when it comes to re-housing and her partner is renovating an old school bus for permanent living: No comment. Tis a slow process and Mr S and I have given an ultimatum- leave by the end of Autumn. This is not how we envisaged our well-earned retirement. Suffice it to say there have been several highly stressful issues, this month, that have discombobulated our equilibrium. I'm getting too old for this kind of shit.

Later in the month, the family was subject to a really nasty dose of Norovirus, aka, 'the winter vomiting bug' which is 'endemic' in my part of the world, currently. It spread rapidly and four out of the six members of the home were ultimately affected. The bucket becomes your friend/fiend and it took three days of fasting and a further seven days before my intestinal tract went back to normality.

During these times of 'Great Tribulation' (refer to JW literature) I lost all motivation to write and the blog entered the hinterland of limbo. I am under no illusion. My blog is niche and not meant to be for the majority of the folks, 'out there'; and that is the way I like it. Very few get or appreciate my delicate brand of humour. To be fair, I mostly write for myself. Tis a mode of self-education and it helps to keep the demons in my head at bay (down Rex).

Consequently, I'm planning to be productive in the jolly month of July and intend to sequester myself away in my study for long hours of contemplation and writing.      


  1. (Sackerson) I have tried to comment serveral times recenty but your system blocks me!

  2. Mayhap you are deemed scurrilous and of dubious reputation. Mr S send me an email and I will ensure your insightful comment will be revealed unto the masses