Sunday, 22 May 2022

David Icke

 This is a post I put forth several years ago concerning this captivating and often annoying gentleman.

My readership has certainly evolved over time. Folks that were with me at the beginning have long gone to pastures new. And so I've acquired new 'followers'. Indeed, my blog has changed over the years and my earlier fixation and blogging style is no more. What remains is something very different........

Anyway, I've resurrected this post for my current readers for their perusal and delectation.  

David Icke in repose

Let me introduce you to the entity called David Icke. In the 1970s David was a professional football player resplendent in the English football league (c’mon the baggies). When his career ended due to an auto-immune condition (rheumatoid arthritis) he became a sports commentator on the tele. He was articulate, opinionated, popular and obviously intelligent. In 1990 he had an epiphany while in a Ryde bookstore on the Isle of Wight. Apparently, a voice commanded him to go to the ‘Psychic Section’ and it was there that he espied a book written by a psychic living in Brighton. He felt compelled to visit the psychic and during the interview, she told him he was about to become an important recipient of supernatural and psychic messages. From that moment the ‘scales fell from his eyes’ and a worldwide conspiracy became evident…… Subsequently, he popped up on a popular talk show, ‘The Terry Wobegone Show’. He appeared in a turquoise tracksuit and calmly announced he was the son of god and the world was about to end. The audience did not seem to be overly impressed and greeted the revelation with howls of derision and laughter. Overnight he went from a respected television personality to a full-blown fruit loop and a bona fide swivel-eyed, looney. Although his views have evolved over the intervening years, as described graphically in his 20 or so books, there are a few consistent themes. In the following paragraph, I’ll outline a few of his ideas: read and weep.

He believes that aliens from another galaxy came to earth several thousand years ago. He calls these aliens, Archons and they are depicted as tall reptile-like creatures. The Archons manipulated human DNA to produce human/alien hybrids. These hybrids have become the leaders of the world and are in collusion to manipulate and control world events. Apparently, the goal of the lizard hybrids is to cause worldwide strife and discontent which releases negative energy. The Archons, residing in their ‘other galaxy’ home are able to feed and gain sustenance from this energy. Also, the moon is hollow and contains reptile aliens, probably on holiday from their home galaxy. They use the moon as a base to broadcast mind-controlling beams in order to manipulate the way, we humans, think and behave. The Queen, the Clintons, the Bush family and apparently Justine Beiber are part human/lizard alien. We don’t observe their natural form as they are able to shapeshift through the dimensions.

So why am I bothering to write about a man who is clearly delusional? David Icke interests me for several reasons: firstly, I honestly believe that he is sincere and earnest in his beliefs. I do not think he is a charlatan or conman in the American tel-evangelist mould. Of course, I may be wrong and it is possible the whole, ‘lizard alien’ conspiracy is a means to fleece the gullible. I suggest my readers listen to the man in action on YouTube in order that they may form their own opinion (refer to the link below). Secondly, David Icke has seemingly/seamlessly tapped into the modern preoccupation with ‘new age’ sensibilities and other-world consciousness. A hash of pseudo-scientific, Eastern spiritual and other associated nonsense. From this wobbly edifice, he speaks to packed auditoriums throughout the world holding forth for eight or 10 hours to an enthralled and captivated audience.

There is no doubt that David Icke has charisma- a quality difficult to define but you know it when you see it. How otherwise is he able to keep people seated and presumably listening for such long periods? I’ve listened to a few of his monologues and I was struck by the way he introduces and delivers his fantastical/phantasmal material without a shred of evidence or coherent progression. He talks a lot about energy and like a lot of ‘New Age folk,’ he appears to have no idea of what energy actually is.  
I don’t think Mr Icke is mad in any conventional sense. Although, I suspect, like me, he doesn’t always take his medication, prescribed or otherwise. When he holds forth on topics not related to lizard folk and a hollow moon he makes a lot of sense. I watched a video of Icke discussing the transgender movement and I found myself in agreement with many of the points he raised. He also makes some very salient points about the world we live in, none of which are particularly controversial or new. A lot of his non-delusional material is actually commonplace and mundane: it is the delivery which makes it appear novel and supposedly interesting. His ideas concerning the control of society by powerful and rich oligarchies would ring true if espoused 2,000 years ago: truly there is nothing new under the sun. Again, I suggest my readers listen to him in action- it is difficult to paraphrase all of his opinions and ideas, mainly because he holds forth on everything and at great length. His mind must be a tumult of ideas and competing voices- reminds me of someone I know. I must admit to a grudging respect for Icke. Whatever his motivation for doing what he does, he clearly is imbued with astonishing energy (whatever that is) and a singularity of purpose which is frankly admirable. I cannot dislike a man for doing what he thinks is right, although, I disagree with much of what he has to say.

I would be interested in what my readers think of David Icke: Is he a charlatan?; a man of vision?; a true prophet of our times?; or madder than mad Jack MacMad on a particularly mad day? Let me know what you think of this rather strange and driven, man. 




  1. I'm reminded of the Galton Board as a metaphor for life. See YouTube for a demonstration. Balls released at the top of the board bounce off the rows of pins (left or right) and end up with most balls in the middle and fewer towards the ends.

    Most of us are like a ball bouncing down the slope. We tend to end up in the middle, but a few of us will end up at the edge. Think political orientation, Left or Right, but with more in the centre.

    A few rare people dispense with the run down the Galton board altogether. No measly pins are going to deflect them. Their course through life is not the same as others. Sometimes they crash and burn. Sometimes they reach a niche unavailable to other people. I suspect David Icke has found a niche, but he is completely off the board.

    1. Yes he certainly is a driven man of high intelligence. Tis a shame that he has gone 'off board' into some weird, 'never, never land'. Imagine if he could focus his energy and drive into something sane and lucid.

  2. "Think political orientation...." . It's possible that Icke is as sane as the Council (Islington, naturally) which claimed that 3 month old babies can be racist. Possibly only to those other babies they identify as hybrid lizards. As for the Royal family being lizards, have you ever seen Prince Harry and an iguana in the same room at the same time?

    1. This pc/ woke/ liberal shit has gone into the realm of insanity. Sane normal folk can see this charade for what it is. C'mon citizens rise up using your power of free expression and engulf this crazy minority. Harry is a hybrid- ginger folk are obviously only part human. I've often wondered what else resides under the ginger carapace.....

  3. Absolutely fascinating.

    It puts me in mind of that episode of Colditz where one of the prisoners - who had spent some time as an orderly or something in a mental hospital - contrives to escape by convincing the hun that he's gone full labour voter. Only colonel Preston (and I think a couple of others) were in on it and he does get shipped home. Only for a letter to arrive some time later saying he is in an asylum having actually gone off his head.

    Icke must believe what he says. It would take a truly remarkable will to keep it up if it was an act (of course one can't dismiss the possibility that he has). I imagine it's much the same with many of these televangelists and all sorts of other spectacular humbugs and hypocrites. From religion to "climate change" to all sorts of bizarre, and apparently self serving political cults.

    It's so common that I wonder if its something in all of us. How is the line crossed. How does one get from some sort of idealist to the irrational fanatic, the genocidal monster (or typically one who cheers on said genocidal monster from the sidelines)

    I sometimes wonder had I been born in another time and place if I might have been in an einsatzgruppen, a camp doctor, a suicide bomber, an inquisitor......Of course, I would always say absolutely not.

    That said, I suspect he's a damned sight less dangerous than the turds that are currently floating in the toilet bowl of politics.

    I just saw one Karine Jean-Pierre holding forth. White house me, me, me - oh sorry - press secretary. Ye gods!!

  4. I remember that episode. I thought it was well done with just the right amount of pathos without becoming maudlin. As said, I think the man is sincere in his beliefs. His commitment and focus is truly astonishing. Not mad, I do believe him to be quite sane. Luckily for us his intellect is involved in something benign.

    1. Yes, I don't think he is motivated by hate or contempt for his fellow man (the vast majority). Not something alas that can be said for most of he accuses of being lizards