Saturday, 10 November 2018

11th hour, 11th day, 11th month

They created a wasteland and called it peace

It has not gone unnoticed by the flaxen haired one that today represents a special day in the annals of history. For today, 100 years ago, an armistice was signed between the Allied powers and Germany. The Great War had come to an end after 4 years and nearly 4 months of conflict.
The cost in human lives can never be accurately attained. Official estimates say, 12,000,000 lives, but this is almost certainly too low a figure.
During the war, great statesmen feared that Western civilisation would be fractured and cease to be. Indeed, thoughtful folk, after the war, averred that this had occurred. What they couldn’t know was that it would take a hundred years for it to come to fruition. All civilisations have inertia and therefore it takes a while for them to fully wind down and unravel.    
Returning soldier of the Great War contemplating the joy of the ending of war that would end all wars

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