Saturday, 25 August 2018

Tin Foil Hats and Zombies

Have you ever worried about psychotronic radiation impinging on your noddle? Or worse still having your own psychotronic radiation being syphoned off from your noddle by nefarious forces? How about protection from micro-radiation emitting Zombies trying to soften up your grey matter prior to feasting? I’m sure we have all felt the need to protect our precious brains from various government agencies. As for Zombies, it would be folly to allow our brains to become softened and rendered friable during a Zombie apocalypse. The answer is simple- wear tin foil hats. If fashioned with shiny surfaces facing out you will never have to worry about psychotronic radiation again. And remember, a single roll of tin foil will protect the whole family. Wear your tin hat with pride. Undoubtedly the naysayers and scoffers will be the first to succumb to brain cooking rays from the Zombies. Have a guess whose brains the Zombies will yearn to possess the most? What type of brain do you think Zombies prefer? A brain unsullied by par-cooking or one that has already experienced mind-numbing basting? I think we all know the answer to that question. Luckily the video below illustrates how to construct the perfect tin foil hat to protect you and your family from mind robbing and brain grilling radiation. If you want to be inconspicuous and not garner attention from ‘Zombie fodder’ while you sashay and promenade down Tipton High Street then simply line your favourite titfa with tin foil. Wibble, wibble, arse bollocks.

Watch and weep and learn how to prevent your brain from becoming mouth-wateringly edible to the undead.



  1. Fortunately the undead prefer brains from teenagers and students: mint condition, unused, zero miles on the clock...