Monday, 23 October 2017

Bow III: A Trilogy in Four Parts

Flagella Dei English Longbow in all its spirited glory

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when my two bows ordered from Flagella Dei, Hungary turned up. I was hosting a Sunday BBQ at the time and have only just managed to have a close look at the bows.

As I recall, I ordered two self-bows in Osage Orange: an Old English longbow and a primitive, rustic, flat bow. I did indeed receive the longbow. The other bow, although a flat bow is not what I ordered. Instead, I received a tri-laminated, flat, longbow. Perhaps it was my mistake. Anyway, I can't complain. Both bows are stunningly beautiful to behold (beauty is in the eye of the bow holder) and look very well made.

I've only managed to string up the flat bow, as yet. I tried it out this morning and once I got used to the bow I was able to repeatedly hit a 20cm square target at 20 metres. The bow is 74 inches long with a draw weight of 46 pounds at 29 inches. The bow shoots smooth and there is virtually no hand shock. I'm comfortable with a 46-pound draw weight as this is roughly comparable to my compound bow. Also, I'm used to shooting an Asiatic bow at 55 pounds so I'm hoping that the English longbow, at 64 pounds, will not be too much of a challenge.

I've not had a chance to string up the English longbow. The string supplied has only one loop and I need to learn how to tie a 'bowyer's hitch' on the un-looped end before I string up this bow.

So first impressions: I'm very impressed. Both bows appear to be well made, quality products. I paid $NZ480 for the bows and paid an additional $NZ100 for import charges. So altogether, I've paid $NZ580 for two traditional type bows. Could I have bought a superior quality product, elsewhere? Well, yes. If I were prepared to pay $NZ1,200 for a bespoke longbow made by a master craftsman. While I would love to own an English longbow, fashioned in Yew and made by master bowyer, there is no way I could justify paying this sort of money on a bow. I can afford it but my wife thinks it a waste of money and she doesn't grasp the inherent beauty in a well-made bow. As I own ten bows currently, she may have a point. I'm an obsessive and highly focussed man by nature and require reigning in on the odd occasion. If left to my own devices my world would quickly spin into unrestrained chaos and madness. My wife is the sensible one and prevents me from leaving the real world of mundane inanity to one of hectic insanity. Ain't dat the sad truth?   

Final words: At this price point you would find it hard, nay impossible, to find a similar quality product. I would certainly order from the company, again. Next time I would like an Asiatic war bow in the Hun or Scythian style. And yes, I still hanker after the rustic, self-bow in Osage Orange. Psst, don't tell the missus.       

Nice looking bow and well shooting bow
The one that got away. Self bow, Osage Orange, primitive flat bow 


  1. "but my wife thinks it a waste of money and she doesn't grasp the inherent beauty in a well-made bow."

    Ahhh there I am truly blessed. The Bestest Frau In The Entire Universe has a deep appreciation and understanding of all types of weaponry...along with an encyclopedic of 'how best to damage human anatomy'. There are advantages to living with a paranoid psychotic. To watch her encouraging Crippled Son as he shaves 0.01 secs of his 'draw-chamber-shoot' times is heart warming, as is how she helps him adjust his conceal carry body belt (spastics find velcro more challenging than, say, chambering up a Glock...who knew?).

  2. Mr D, you seem to have procured the perfect woman. Keep her in a box lest she escapes.

  3. Keep her in a box lest she escapes.
    You've heard of Erwin Schrödinger ? It's like that, only difference is who is dead after the box is opened.

    1. Let's not be catty to each other.

      OK, I'll get my coat.

    2. Tis a conundrum as to whether you add air holes to the box. Also allows for a crafty peek. How can you tell if the cat is just resting if the thought experiment predicts a binary state?

    3. What? And spoil an almost perfect 67 Yr record?

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