Friday 27 May 2016

My Son's Graduation

Handsome bugger isn't he? Chippus blockus offus maximus
Tis a proud day in the Saxon household. Number one son and heir to the 'Flaxen Saxon estate', has just graduated with a degree in business studies. Wisely he took his father's advice not to take the 'Science Pathway'. I'll not go into detail why I counselled thusly, I'll just say that obtaining work in a competitive field has something to do with it. Many of my ex-students are still waiting to gain a toehold into the profession and in the meantime while away their hours flipping burgers. This can be soul destroying after spending four years studying for a vocational science degree. If given the chance to travel back in time I think I would have pursued a different career choice, although to be fair my career in science has been successful and has provided a good living. Perhaps I'm getting a little jaundiced in my old age (see previous post) and no longer look at the world of work with enthusiasm.

I'm sure my son will do well in the world. He is blessed with many natural attributes: tall, strong, blond, smart and endowed with his father's good looks. It all helps in a tough world. Modesty is for those who have something to be modest about. 

He returns to Western Australia on Monday and it is likely I wont see him until Christmastide. I'm going to miss him dearly, after all, he's like a son to me.

                                                                   Ode to Love
 There's motherly love and brotherly love and love of a son for his father,
But the sweetest of love, the most poignant of love, is one drunken sod for another.


  1. Congratulations. Really happy for you and your son too. Now whats the plan. I mean what he is going to do in future.

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    1. He will set the world afire and just like his father will crush kill and destroy until the world is a wasteland and a void. Either that or he will carve out a career in middle management.

  2. Be nice to him - he will be choosing your retirement home...