Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Flaxen's thought of the day.........

Animals taste good

To be frank I'm inclined to move the line two fauna to the left. Most Orientals don't have a distinction. We in the soft West should take note. I suppose this advert is designed to concentrate our minds on the ethical issues involved in eating meat. I get it. Animals are sentient beasts and cute. Most folk are not concerned with the butchery and are therefore divorced from the killing. Everything comes in nice vacuum packs conveniently placed in the fridge in the local 'Val U Like'.
It has been a long time since I hunted rabbit with Gramps and his ferret, 'Shagger'. Wild rabbit added extra free protein to a poor family's diet. And guess what: I enjoyed the hunt and rabbits are easily dispatched and roasted.    


  1. Horsemeat should be good - another vegetarian animal. (It's best not to consume carnivores*, as BSE showed, so no cats or dogs for me.) I'll pass on rabbits, as my daughters had pet ones. What about high-protein insects? They're very nutritious, if rather crunchy. Ostrich and Kangaroo are allegedly better for you, due to being low fat or something.5
    * I'd eat a Vegan

    1. I agree about the meat eaters, although I have eaten croc and that tasted good. There is indeed a lot protein in grubs and insects. I suppose it wont surprise you that I've written on this topic previously.........

  2. I rad this and thought of you...