Saturday, 28 November 2015

Ten things you didn't know about Kim un Jong and didn't want to ask Mr Patel at the corner shop

Who ate all da pies?

We all know Kim un Jong as the loveable, affable, glorious leader of the Democratic Republic of North Korea. But what do we know about the prodigy himself, really?  Often as I leave the 'Scrofula Arms', Tipton, on a Saturday night imbued with 17 pints of Banks best bitter, I'm accosted by sundry revellers who regale me with their lamentable deformities and once satiated, and replete, vocalise, thusly: "Flaxen, you big hairy inebriate and ferret fancier of renown. Why don't you un-lift the veil of enigma and  trepidation which shrouds the glorious nation of North Korea, in a miasma of gross turpitude. But specifically, we want to know more about the god/man (more god than man, mayhap?) that bestrides the nation like a bespoke colossus".

Frankly, after much discussion with my psychiatrist, Professor Defacto Mugumbo, I have decided to unload my insistent knowledge gained when incarcerated, as a guest, in Ping Pong's Mental Health and Indoctrination Centre, North Chorea. So here, in no definable order, is Flaxen Saxon's insight into the life of Kim un Yong.

1. Kim un Jong's haircut has been adopted as the only official haircut endorsed in North Korea. Hence, it only takes 20 minutes to train the average barber with template.

2. Kim un Jong is 6 foot 3 inches tall, but to express solidarity with his well nourished and beloved people he has insisted that all photos of himself should be taken at a jaunty angle which shows him represented as 4 foot 9 inches, thus in accord with the prevailing height of the average Northern Korean.

3.  North Korea is all about being healthy, slim and fit. Obesity has been officially banned. Few edicts have been followed with such universal fixation and dare I say it, aplomb. Although the glorious leader is the exception which proves the rule. Also, he is an acknowledged breatharian with a glandular problem.

4. Kim un Jong was manufactured fully formed and did not undergo gestational restriction as mere mortals experience. Henceforth any representation of Kim un Jung's belly button is a mere figmentation (not a real word) of photoshop enthusiasts.

5. Kim un Jong has never endorsed a nuclear programme in glorious North Korea. North Korea is rich in plutonium isotopes and all citizens are encouraged, at the point of a bayonet, to visit all North Korea's non-radioactive facilities to achieve that all round healthy tan and that all too fashionable, and in vogue disease, leukaemia. Cough. 

6. Kim un Jong encourages animal rights and has a particular interest in young succulent dogs. In accord with his wishes, da Glorious Leader has set up a pound for itinerant hounds serendipitously housed next to 'Mr Kim ate Chow's slaughterhouse, cum restaurant for party members not on the latest list to be executed by anti-aircraft gun fire. 

7. The Leader eschews alcohol and drugs of any description/prescription. His favourite beverage is a rum vodka mix with a hint of angostura bitters. Because of his unearthly metabolism, before he quaffs said elixir, the concoction turns to the sweetest spa water.      

8. Kim un Jong's favourite sport is skiing. He is a frequent and notorious participant on the piste. In his finer moments, he has been described as a: 'Slope on the slope, pissed'.     

9. The Leader's education was prolific and swift. Indeed, his absorption of knowledge was unequalled by any previous scholar. It is prophesied on the wind, that he has gained several degrees in woodwork, geography, social studies and physical education.   

10. The Leader leads a simple life as only a man allowed access to a poor countries' resources can be. The simple people are devoted to Kim un Jong, as are the military elite. The 'Kim' brand has merit and should be continued until lack of issue or impending political collapse evokes change. Anyway, the Generals with the broad hats are expected to be watching China, closely.  

Arse, big fat, arse.


  1. Breatharian?

    Learned something new, I did.

    ".........'Slope on the slope, pissed'........."

    Not very nice. Innit?

    And it's the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and you Caucasoid cunts in the West could do well with a bit of Juche yourselves! And fuck knows y'all already embrace Songun to the max!


  2. Yep, my comment: 'A slope on the slope, pissed' could be construed as non-PC and culturally insensitive. By the way, you are exempt and exalted to honorary/ornery Caucasoid status.

  3. Being ride about that nice Mr. Kim? - that could be a bad Korea choice...

    OK, I'll get my coat.
    (Mine's the DPRK military issue greatcoat)

    1. I meant "rude" of course. I apologise for my incompetent finger(s).