Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Flaxen at Bay

Jack, Ted, and Rowan say hello

After today New Zealand enters 'Alert Status 4'. Severe restrictions are in place and normal life and routine, as we know it, become, no more. These are unprecedented times and therefore it is difficult to predict how this situation will pan out, eventually.

As I write my immediate family, with one exception, are sequestered on the homestead. This includes Mrs. S; my daughter and her brood of two daughters (9years and 10months) and my daughter's partner. For now, my son and his girlfriend have decided to stay in Wellington city, although this may change. They are both welcome to stay with us and as we live in a four-bed single-story home we should be fine. 

Work: normally I would work Monday and Tuesday, staying overnight Monday, with the boss. This arrangement is no longer tenable and instead, I'll work one long day (12 hours). Normally I catch the train to windy Wello, but for various reasons, I'm going to eschew this mode of transport. Consequently, I'll drive to and from work in one day which takes about four hours all told. I'll make up my hours working from home. One of our bedrooms is utilised as a study and so I'll be able to disengage from the family and family activities in order to obtain some peace and quiet. Clearly, this arrangement is not ideal but in the circumstances, it seems the best plan.

At the weekend a fellow archer came to the property to try out several different bow types. After some deliberation, he has decided to purchase a trilaminate English longbow with horn nocks. This is one of our more expensive bows and as the archer has paid upfront I'm sure he would like to obtain this wonderful specimen of the bowyers art as soon as possible. Posting the bow is out the question currently so it looks like I will have to transport the item personally. Not too much a problem as he lives about 40 minutes away by car. 

I stated in an earlier post that I would be attempting to pen an article concerning the 'Corona Virus' from a technical and scientific perspective. Hopefully, I'll find time to start writing today and a finished piece will be ready and posted within a few days. Therefore, gather, be watchful, and await with bated breath the fruits of my endeavours as specified within the framework of the space-time paradigm and continuum.       


  1. Here we're on Deaf-Cunt4 to try and control all the stupid bastards who frankly don't really take it seriously, think they're immune and don't like being told what to do.

    Hopefully soon to be eradicated from the gene pool...

    1. I do hear the young in the UK are holding 'crony parties' and throwing toilet rolls in the air. And that nice Koenig Charles has been infected/affected. Strange times indeed.

  2. Robert the Biker26 March 2020 at 02:19

    Hope it all goes well for you and the politicians stay out of things they don't understand as much as possible. I am currently working from home and have both my Danish axe to hand and my terror inspiring War Cat at the ready (when she wakes up!)

    1. Keep well and unleash the dogs (or cats depending on status) of war......