Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Corona Virus Update

Okay, I'm willing to admit that I may have been a tad optimistic about this Corona virus thingy- me bad/mad. Although I still think that overreaction by the ill-informed public together with irrational behaviour and sheep mentality is still our biggest issue. 

As for toilet rolls: The hoarding of toilet rolls is a behaviour that frankly baffles me. As a lad, I made do with newspaper. True, tis a little rough and not as absorbent as the fluffy scented stuff that currently assails anal orifices and environs, but it has the added bonus that when you photocopy your arse you not only have a facsimile of your nether bits, but you can also catch up on the news. By the way, the Romans used a sponge tied to a stick. Could catch on: please ensure the sponge is securely attached to prevent loss. It might send you into a state of permanent ecstasy. 

Politicians are fools, for the most part, and so it seems are their advisors. Sadly, those attracted to a life of politics are usually unfit to serve for several reasons, but mainly because they are not very smart. First-class intellects are not attracted to this sort of thing.

Anyway, we haven't quite got to the urine drinking stage, yet, although in truth I've been drinking mine for years. Follow prudent advice and in the immortal words of Lance Corporal Jack Jones, "Don't panic".

I've added a link to a YouTube video. It is from a UK doctor and his sage advice is well worth assimilating.  


  1. Rumex obtusifolius, mature, can be useful.
    It has the advantage of being bio-degradable and very cheap
    i.e. free.
    But I am sure that NZ has native specie equally as efficacious.
    Cue the joke about the bear and the rabbit.

    1. Yea, I'm sure there are many alternatives to toilet paper. Remember that nasty sanitised stuff we had at school?

    2. Izal. So thin a box held hundreds of sheets. (A pun for our spaghetti western fans.)
      It was coated in silicone to stop "stuff" adhering.
      It never got pinched, except for use as tracing paper and it was just the right size and consistency for a paper+comb music maker.
      Have your lips a buzz. Ooh-er missus

    3. Effing taxed protector.
      Have = Gave.
      How to spoil a witticism.

  2. That takes me back to the late 60s, early 70s. Its use as tracing paper was well renowned. It could be used for many things, but for wiping your arse, not so much. Unless of course you are in the middle of a Crony pandemic. Arse.