Friday, 13 September 2019

Exciting times......

My son, 'Athelstan the Bright' posing with our new banner
Impending news of stuff pending!

Things are moving fast in my usually less than hectic life. This is just a preliminary announcement concerning a joint project I'm involved in with my son. Together we are setting up a company selling camping/survival knives, bows and archery equipment. As my regular readers know, I'm a keen archer and I'm out shooting proles, er I mean bows, on a daily basis, weather permitting.

The web site has been set up and I'm furiously writing blog posts on sundry archery topics. My wonderful son is the business brains behind the operation due to his background in business and IT. He will deal with the techy stuff and the boring stuff like company registration, marketing, imports, and taxes while I'll provide the numerous articles required for the web site.

We will be targeting (pun intended) the novice archer, but not exclusively so. The web site will contain articles concerning various aspects of archery with helpful advice on topics, sundry.

We certainly live in exciting times and I'm all fired up (unusual for this jaded soul) with the prospect of running a joint project with my second legitimate spawn. I'm travelling by train in a few scant hours to spend a couple of days with Athelstan, in the big city, for high-level business talks. Arse.

Once things coalesce into a coherent whole I'll leave a link to the archery site. Watch this space!   

My old mate Gare shooting his English longbow

As an added bonus, I've linked to a video featuring the entertaining
 Kevin Hicks