Wednesday 8 November 2017


Total insanity is not a pleasure in which I can fully indulge, at present. Society punishes the mad and I cannot afford to be castigated by an uncomprehending society, just yet. I have a responsible and professional persona to protect. Ultimately I  must provide for my family. Although on occasion my aberrant thought processes cascade into speech discombobulating colleagues and the random passerby, equally.  Only the exceedingly rich can afford to be totally insane. But under these circumstances, they are merely rendered  'eccentric'. 

I hope to retire soon. Once unleashed from conventional conforming and fettered society I'll hunker down in a rural idyll and ride out my dotage in unrestrained lunacy. Released from the prison of conventional societal mores I will soar into the yonder and slake my fill in a fetish of delirium.

Then again I could decide to take my medication.   

Arse bucket ago,go


  1. I've found semi-retirement a good way to cope with the transition to no work at all. I've been working 3 days per week since reaching 65 and it's been great - fewer responsibilities, but it's keeping (what's left of) my brain active. (I design electronic control systems.)
    At first there were a few days when I was bored, but now it's hard to find time for all my leisure pursuits. Of course the drugs help!

  2. Yea, the boss has offered two days a week. Probably a good idea. I'll have to stay with my son in town for one night a week, so should work. Anyway it will leave me plenty of time for my archery and other projects.

  3. "...Society punishes the mad..."

    Being elected to political office is not a punishment.